Gustav Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer
for Trombone

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This song cycle concerning the many emotions surrounding unrequited love makes a beautiful addition to a trombone recital. The wide range of expression in the four songs creates a real challenge to the player's musicianship, while also providing a chance to display the rich singing sound of the instrument.

Includes: Piano Score, (with German lyrics) Trombone part, and accompaniment CD. Also included are English paraphrases of the lyrics, and a glossary of all the German expression marks in the score.

Performance Time:    Approximately 15 minutes


About the CD

Listen to an accompaniment track
Print the trombone part & play along
See English versions of the song texts.
Mahler texts.html

"This is an excellent transcription...a solid addition to the repertoire, a model for how trombone arrangements should be published"

David Mathie
The ITA Journal