About the Accompaniment CD's

For those of you interested in the nitty gritty of how I produced the accompaniment CD's, here is more information than most people would ever want or need.

My digital piano sound comes from a Roland XV-3080 sound module, with the Concert Piano expansion board installed. I modified the Premier Grand patch to give me a sound that I liked for these CD's. I used a Tascam CD-RW700 as my mastering machine. I did all my sequencing and editing on a Macintosh computer.

Many of the accompaniment tracks began life as Finale music notation files. I imported the files into Vision sequencing software, and added rubato, dynamics, and other musical subtleties.

Some of the accompaniment tracks began as "live" performances by my wife Lorraine, who played them into the computer as she accompanied me while I played. I then edited these performances to take advantage of some of the quirks of the digital piano, (and attempted to cover up some of the deficiencies of said piano).

So, all of these performances are mixtures of "human" and "computer" performances. Of course, the computer was manipulated by a human, so even the "machine" components have some human input.

Once the accompaniment tracks were edited to my satisfaction, (or alternately, when I couldn't stand working on them any more!) I recorded them directly onto CD-R.

I hope you enjoy these accompaniment tracks. While they are not as enjoyable as working with a real live accompanist, my hope is that they will help prepare you for the times you do get to play with the real thing.