Johannes Brahms:
Intermezzo Op. 118, #2
  (For Solo Instrument & Harp)

Trombone Solo Index
Horn Solo Index
Harp Index

This is a work originally written for solo piano. With its simple beauty it would be appropriate either on a recital, or in a more informal setting.

I originally intended this transcription for Trombone & Harp. However, as I consulted with several harpists regarding harp notation and technique, they each asked for alternate versions of the solo part. After getting so much help from them, I figured it would be downright ungrateful not to provide parts for their friends and family. So, this publication includes:

     Harp Score
     Tenor Clef Solo Part (Trombone or Cello)  for Adina & Nitzan
     Horn in F Solo Part  for Barb & Dan
     B-flat Treble Clef Solo Part (Clarinet) for Margarita & Don
C Treble Clef Solo Part (Flute or Violin)  Unclaimed (so far)


Sample pages
from the score