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English Paraphrases of the Wayfarer Song Texts

1. My Sweetheart's Wedding Day

My sweetheart's wedding day is a sad day for me!
I go into my dark little room and weep for my dear sweetheart.

Little blue flower! Do not fade!
Little sweet bird! You sing on the green heath
Oh! how beautiful is the world!

Do not sing! Do not bloom!
Spring has gone, all the singing is over.
In the evening when I go to sleep, I think of my sorrow!

2. This Morning in the Fields

This morning I went through the fields,
Dew still clung to the grass,
The gay finch said to me:
"How is it? Good morning! How goes it?
Isn't it a beautiful world?
How I love the world!"

The bluebell by the field with its little bells,
has also gayly, sprightly, rung out its morning greeting:
"Isn't it a beautiful world?
A beautiful thing!
How I love the world!"

The world began to sparkle in the sunshine!
Everything gained sound and color!
In the sunshine!
Flower & bird, large and small!
Good Day!
Isn't it a beautiful world?
Isn't it? Isn't it?

Now won't my happiness begin too?
No! No!
That which I seek can nevermore blossom for me!

3. I Have a Burning Knife

I have a burning knife in my breast,
Oh woe! Oh woe!
It cuts so deep into every joy & bliss,
So deep! So deep!

Oh, what an evil guest this is.
It never gives peace, never allows rest.
Not by day, not even in sleep!
Oh woe! Oh woe!

When I look into the sky, I see two blue eyes.
When I walk in the fields, I see her blond hair.
Oh woe! Oh woe!

When I awake from dreaming, I hear her silver laughter.
Oh woe! Oh woe!

I wish that I lay on the black bier,
And could nevermore open my eyes!

4. My Sweetheart's Blue Eyes

 My sweetheart's two blue eyes
have sent me away into the wide world.
I had to leave my most beloved place.
Oh blue eyes why did you ever gaze at me?
Now I am forever in pain and sorrow.

I've gone out into the silent night.
No one bid me farewell.
My only comrades were love and sorrow.

A linden tree stands by the road.
Under it, for the first time I rested in sleep.
It snowed blossoms over me.
Then I forgot how life can hurt.
Everything was well again.
Everything....... Love and sorrow,
world, and dream.