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Mahler Rückert Lieder

English Paraphrases of the Song Texts

Ich atmet' einen linden Duft
I breathed a gentle scent.
A linden branch stood in the room, a token of love from a dear hand.
How lovely is the scent of the sprig you gathered so carefully.
Gently I breathe the linden scent, Love's delicate fragrance.

Liebst du um Schönheit
If you love for beauty, do not love me!
Love the sun with its golden hair!

If you love for youth, do not love me!
Love spring - spring is new every year!

If you love for riches, do not love me!
Love the mermaid, she has many luminous pearls.

If you love for loves sake, then love me!
Love me forever, I love you always, forever!

Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder
Do not look at my songs! Even I dare not watch them grow.
Do not look at my songs, your curiosity is a betrayal!
Bees building their cells don't allow observers either,
they don't even watch each other.
When they bring the rich honeycombs into the daylight,
Then be the first to take your fill.

Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen
I have become lost to the world, where I used to waste so much time;
It has been so long since it heard from me, that it may well think that I have died!
I don't care if it thinks me dead, for I really have died to the world.
I have died to all the world's turmoil, and I rest in a silent realm.
I live in solitude in my heaven, In my love, in my song.
Um Mitternacht
At midnight, sleepless, I looked to the sky.
None of the host of stars smiled at me at midnight.

At midnight I sent my thoughts into the darkness.
No hopeful thought came to console me at midnight.

At midnight I contemplated the beating of my heart.
It burned with a constant pulse of sorrow, at midnight.

At midnight, I struggled with all man's suffering.
I was helpless against it, at midnight.

At midnight, I put it all into Your hands.
Lord! Lord over life and death,
You dear Lord are on guard,
You stand watch, at midnight!