Here are some of my favorite music related links

I go here first when I am looking for sheet music.
I am pleased to say that they carry a fair number of my transcriptions.

The members of the Philadelphia Orchestra trombone section all play Edwards trombones. If you are shopping for a professional quality trombone, this is a good place to start. 

Edwards Instruments

My favorite place to shop for classical Compact Discs. I have never seen a more useful online CD catalogue. 

The distributors of Blair Bollinger's solo CD, as well as many other interesting recordings.

Albany released my recording of the Rimsky-Korsakiv Concerto (with the Temple University Band) a few years ago. Amazingly enough the company has survived that event, and still has an interesting and varied catalogue of recordings. 

Doug Yeo's site has an amazing amount of useful information for trombonists. 

A great place to find music for trombone ensembles of all sizes.

The official Philadelphia Orchestra website. 

Dee Stewart has recorded, (with Randy Gardner, hn) the "Sacred Lullaby" of Brahms that I transcribed for Horn & Trombone. For information on this CD and Dee's other projects, check out Dee's website.